" The highest quality home-care to meet your individual needs "


" I act as the advocate for this young woman with very complex physical disability and needs. The team of carers are exceptional. They are always reliable, consistent and have shown commitment to developing positive and appropriate rapports with the young woman concerned. Their involvement in her medical and health issues is second to none and their overall experience is fantastic. Thank you to the extraordinary work and standard of care delivered by all the current team and manager at this agency. "

A. Algar (Ruislip)

" I have been looked after by Direct Independent Care Limited (DICL) for about ten years. My condition is Multiple Sclerosis (MS) which is a chronic, progressive disease of the Central Nervous System. My MS is a constant and gradual decline in ability with sudden, unpredictable relapses that require immediate intervention. The staff that take good care of me always have a smile on their faces and make time for a quick chat and laugh, no matter how busy they must be. They brighten up my life and make their visits so much more than a quick shower or a change of clothes. "

G. Tatlow (Hayes)

" I have always believed that the care given to my sister has been outstanding with the carers providing a holistic approach which considered her age likes/dislikes. The carers take her out on a regular basis so she is able to have the quality of life which I feel she deserves. I feel not only have the carers and their manager provided an excellent service to my sister but they have also been part of our lives and respect our wishes and thoughts regarding her care. The team have always treated my family and my sister with respect and have shown both confidence and competence in their ability to care for her. "

Mrs. B (Harefield)

" When DIC were first assigned to our mum's care, the social worker said to us "You are very lucky as this is the best care agency in the borough." DIC has been caring for our mum since September 2013, and the words of the social worker have proven not only to be true, but an understatement at that. It is our opinion that DIC should be the supreme example that all other care agencies seek to follow. We have heard innumerable stories from friends and families of horror stories regarding loved ones on the receiving end of care through care agencies. We truly feel we have struck gold with DIC and suggest that their high standards become the benchmark for all other care agencies. "

N. Scott (Ruislip)